Amirim – Rural Accommodation in the Galilee

Amirim is a vegetarian holiday village, situated in a very central location in the heart of the Galilee. Amirim is situated on the road between Carmiel and Zeffat (Rd. no.866), at an altitude of 620 m. Surrounded by forests and natural reserves and overlooking magnificent Galilean views, Amirim is certainly one of Israel's most favorable tourist destinations.
LOCATION: Amirim is situated in the heart of the Galilee:
20 min. by car from Zeffat, one of Israel's most picturesque towns, with an old artist quarter and numerous historical sites.
20. Min. from Carmiel, a new and a modern city symbolizing Israel's re-birth with excellent co-existence between people from all religions, and with modern shopping and culinary centers.
25 min. to the renowned Sea-of-Galilee, a place of great historical significance, and also a wonderful site for swimming and other water sport activities.
25 min. to Tiberias, one of Israel's oldest cities, full of historical and archeological sites important to people from all religions and to all history lovers.
35 min. to Nazzareth, the city that gave birth to one of the world's most famous figures. This ancient yet modern city offers tourists a great historical, cultural, and culinary experience.
50 min. to Haifa. Modern and old mixed together in this port city, to create a rich touristic experience full of color, smell, and wonderful sights. Don't miss the Baha'i temple!
50 min. to Accre. One of the world's most ancient port cities. A wonderful cultural and culinary experience. Don't miss the old city market!
Only a few min. to many natural reserves. The Galilee offers its guests a wonderful glimpse at some of Israel's most treasured natural sites such as the Hula valley, the Jordan River, Mount Hermon, the Banias river, the Dan river, the A'moud creek natural reserve and many more. All this sites plus many outdoor sport activities are within close reach from Amirim.
120 min. to Tel-Aviv. When you are done with your rural holiday, the big city, with all that a big city situated at the shores of the Mediterranean has to offer, is only 2 hours away!
EXCELENT ACCOMMODATION: Most of the holiday units in Amirim are all built to very high standards, and most of them had past the Israeli Ministry of Tourism approval and got a certificate of I.B.B (Israeli Bed and Breakfast). All units are meticulously equipped, including a Jacuzzi hot-tub, a cable T.V., a fully equipped kitchenette with coffee, tea, milk, and other refreshments, a bottle of local wine, a high quality bed and beddings, outdoor sitting areas in the adjacent private garden and free wireless Internet access. Most units enjoy on-site free parking, total privacy, and magnificent Galilean views!