Vacation in Israel – An Unforgettable Experience

There is no denying that we are all snowed under the monotonous work pressure in our daily life. Modern life style creates a lot of pressure and we all feel the need for some rest. A long vacation always seems like such a good idea. It does not matter whether we head to an exotic destination, or exploring a local tourist spot, we feel we are just in dire need of mental rejuvenation, and it seems like  a good holiday can do the trick. However, it is also true that mostly we feel an urge to set foot on foreign shores, as it offers us something unusual and different to what we know and use to. Among the many off-shore destinations, we may consider as our choice destination. Israel is inviting travelers with its fascinating history, religious significance, colorful culture, and last but not least- its pristine beauty.
Israel is a unique tourist destination, as it offers travelers an interesting blend of colors, cultures, landscapes and history .It is here you can find the desert with its wonderful colors and empty and vast landscape.
The Dead Sea, part of Israel's dessert, is the lowest spot on earth. It offers an unusual attraction for travelers, because of the hilling properties of its waters, and the dry and warm air.  
On the other side of Israel and yet just a short driving distance away, are the Mediterranean shores with lively and full of action and night life, is Tel-Aviv. It is a must among young travelers as it is as busy and ambient as any major city in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

Another short distance north of Tel-Aviv is the lofty snow-covered mountains of the Galilee, a region full of history and beautiful landscapes, and of course the very famous for all Christians – Sea of Galilee. You can experience all this wealth of sightseeing and history just within a few hours, drive! Enjoying a vacation in Israel is having a taste of so many flavors and that is what could turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience. A balmy vacation in colorful and diverse Israel can really work wonders for your body as well as mental health.

You can stay overnight in the north one of the many bed and breakfasts scattered one of the seats in the north - Amirim, Rosh Pina, Safed, Tiberias and more ...

Israel has many unique attractions for the travelers. Make sure to visit Time Elevator, the new Kings city in Eilat, Haganah Museum, and the many historical places of interest that are scattered all over the country.

Israel has a rich and fascinating story to offer every one. Jerusalem is obviously the most favorite tourist spot in Israel. It is because it carries a great religious importance for all the three major religious – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. During your vacation in Jerusalem, you can explore its stunning natural beauty; watch the ancient architectural wonders such as the Wailing Wall, Tower of David, and the many sites of significance to Christianity and Islam. Have a feel of the cultural and religious confluence of Jerusalem. The city mesmerizes everybody with its magnificent golden limestone and so is justifiably named “The City of Gold”. While spending a few nights in the city, you might want to stay in one of the many hotel rooms of different style and price level the city offers its guests. However if you are traveling on a lower budget, you can stay in hostel Jerusalem
Nazareth is of course another destination for Christians, after al, that is where it all begun. Here, in one of the famous churches you can feel the bells of history ringing loud, blending in with the sight and sound of modern Nazareth, the largest Arab city in the Jewish state. Both Christians and Muslims live in this city and gel well with each other. This harmonious relation among these different cultures represents the true essence of Israel. Nazareth is dotted with beautiful churches and monasteries reflecting a tranquil ambience, alongside colorful oriental busy markets. Enjoy your vacation in Israel to the fullest!