Attractions in Amirim

Amirim is a holiday village offering its guests a wide range of tourist attractions, helping tourists to the Galilee enrich their stay and turn their holiday into an unforgettable experience. Amirim has been a vegetarian village since the first settlers came to this land. The special location has always attracted unique people, amongst them alternative therapists, healers and practitioners of alternative medicine, artists and craftsmen, musicians, cooks and chefs specializing in vegetarian cuisine and more.
Amirim is situated in the heart of Galilee. Guests can therefore enjoy bushwalking on one of the many hiking trails in the village itself, or in the surrounding mountains and hills. Other option is to take a "jeep-trip" – a drives to secluded natural spots in the area. A sculpture garden donated to Amirim by the Israeli Museum is another focal point in the heart of the village. The sculptures are scattered in the center of the village, set in the middle of the Galilean forest that spreads out from the center of the village, between the houses and streets.
The village swimming pool is open free of charge to our guests during the summer holidays.
Local artists and craftsmen that choose Amirim as their home exhibit their art in galleries in Amirim. Souvenirs shops are also available to visitors to Amirim, as well as vegetarian restaurants, yoga and meditation centers, spa centers, holistic therapists, bakery and health-food shops and more.  
So much to do! This is why we took the time to collect this useful information for the convenience of our guests taking an Amirim holiday:

Jeep trips:
Eretz hagalil, trips for individuals or grups, 04-9890434