Amirim is a rural holiday village, a green pearl in the heart of the Galilee. It is a choice holidaying destination for visitors from all over the world, because of the interesting and attractive selection of  "Zimmers"  - rural guest houses or B&B units, restaurants, spa centers, galleries & other places of interests for tourists, it provides.
Amirim was founded some 50 years ago, by a group of vegetarians & vegans, whom wished to live closer to nature, in a quite & serene place in the Galilee.  They established the first & until today, probably the only vegetarian village in Israel. Since then, Amirim grew up to become the capital of rural tourism in the Galilee. In 1985 it was declared by the Israeli ministry of tourism as a "rural tourist village" – the first of its kind in Israel. Amirim offers its guests a wide range of holiday units that suit couples or families with tariffs that suits every budget. Amirim is strategically situated in the heart of the Galilee at a meeting point between the upper Galilee, lower Galilee & the western Galilee. It is therefore an ideal base for tourists who wish to explore all the major tourist attractions in the area : merely 20 min. drive from the Sea of Galilee, less than an hour to Haifa, 40 min. to Nazareth, lake Hula, the Jordan river, nature resorts, famous historical & archeological sites, etc. Public transport to and from Amirim is also available. Amirim is situated on the winding mountain road between Carmiel & Zeffad, close to the village Meron. It is surrounded by natural resorts & the color green is what meets the eye wherever you look. Being situated at a height of 600 meters above sea level, Amirim is blessed with good weather all year round, magnificent views , & an abundance of fresh pure mountain air. Another characteristic special to Amirim is the serenity & peacefulness of the place due to its unique position. Besides a wide range of holiday units, a selection of other tourist services is offered to guests in the village. Amongst them are the famous vegetarian restaurants, spa centers with the best qualified health therapists, art galleries, shops, yoga & meditation centers, bush walking treks, bike riding, jeep trips, hoarse back riding & more.

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