Restaurants in Amirim

Amirim is a vegetarian village, one of the only vegetarian settlements in Israel. As a leader in vegetarian life style, Amirim open the door to its guests, and offers you a taste to the vegetarian cousin. The vegetarian restaurants in Amirim, vary in style, and therefor offer our guests an interesting variety of vegetarian tastes and flavors.

Vegetarian restaurants in Amirim:

Dalia's restaurant: The queen of traditional and contemporary vegetarian kitchen. View to the Sea of Galilee from the balcony. Serves breakfast, dinner and lunch. Booking is necessary. 04-6989349.
Relate bar-café: Café and restaurant serving light meals and snacks plus coffee and drinks. Alcohol  beer and wine is also available. Open till late on weekends and school and public holidays. Booking is necessary. 04-6990167.
Rishikesh: An authentic Indian restaurant, serving meals on location or catering take away meals to your holiday unit. Booking is necessary. 0525784114.
Carmeli's restaurant: An original vegetarian home cooking. Reservation is essential. 
Stup's vegetarian restaurant: a-la-cart kosher vegetarian restaurant. Closed on Saturdays and Saturday's eves. Reservation is necessary. 04-6980946.

Restaurants in the Galilee:

Doris katsavim – meet & steak house, Rosh-Pina, 04-6801313.
Mitbalim – Kosher  meet restaurant, Rosh-Pina, 0579443111.
Jauni – Mixed style restaurant, meet, fish, salads, drinks and coffee. Rosh-Pina,046860107.
Habayit shel Raffa – Meet and vegetarian casserols. Old Rosh-Pina, 04-6936192.
Rothman – An authentic local mixed style cooking. Lotem, 046778884.
Ezba – An authentic local eastern cooking, Ramma, 04-9888808.
Gili – Cheff restaurant, kosher, Amirey hagalil hotel, 04-6989815.
Muskat – Cheff Haim Tibbi gurmet restaurant. Mizpeh hayamim hotel, Rosh-Pina, 046994523.
Art-de-coco – Café' and restaurant, chocolateria & bakery, Carmiel, 1-700-700-359.
Bonsai – Asian and sushi cusin. Carmiel, 04-9582929.