Attractions in the Galilee

So many ways are offered to you to enrich your holiday to the Galilee! Attractions are a general locally name used here to describe all the activities you can enjoy while holidaying in the Galilee. Most of the activities would probably be outdoors activities, although some indoors activities are also available. Most common, cheap and easy to participate in is probably hiking. The Galilee is a magnificent piece of land, and the hiking tracks offers visitors to this beautiful land, a wonderful opportunity to become intimately familiar with the natural wealth of views, fauna and wild life of the Galilee. Some of the hiking trucks are within the boundaries of the various National Parks in the Galilee, and mostly require a small entrance fee  payable at the entrance to the park. Other tracks may be found in the area and access to them is free of charge. For those of you whom wish to explore the Galilee on two wheels – from a bike chair, many bike tracks has been established by the authorities in recent years for the use of bike riders, and maps are available on request. 4. W.D. tracks are also here in the Galilee for lovers of this type of activity and 4.W.D. vehicles for hire are available at the leading car-hire companies. Another out door sport that is very popular here in the Galilee is self drive baggies and mini-tractors. Of course you wouldn't want to leave the Galilee without enjoying a canoe ride on the waters of the famous Jordan River, in a group or private session offered by the many rafting clubs situated in the northern part of the Jordan River in the Upper-Galilee. Horseback riding is another option for enjoying the beautiful views of the Galilee and information on horseback riding club is available at your holiday unit. Indoors activities could be a tasting tour of the many boutique wineries that had popped up in recent years on the Galilee hills, offering visitors a taste of the magnificent wines that are produced from grapes grown in the Galilee. These wines are rapidly gaining a worldwide fame as some of the best wines in the world. The Galilee had been famous for being a superb growing region for high-quality wine grapes for centuries. Indoors ice-skiing is a favorite past time in winter or summer for lovers of this sport in the Canada-Center in Metulla. Restaurants of so many styles are of course another favorite past time for lovers of good food, and the wealth of different cooking styles and local cousin is fabulous. Movie theaters and disco clubs and night spots and pubs are also available for the night birds among you. So all that is left for us to do is wish you a full of joy and activity holiday in the Galilee, and we in Amirim holiday shall be happy to assist you in any further information or advice you may need while holidaying in the galilee. 

Buggies and mini tractors trips:
Atraction trips, buggies, mini-tractors, 052-8794888.

Horse-back riding:
Bat –yaar ranch -, Biria near Zeffat, 04-6989815.